2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEB: Fatigue Crack Failure Associated with Shallow Dents on Pipelines

The National Energy Board (NEB) has issued a safety advisory related to shallow dents on pipelines that can lead to fatigue crack failure.  Currently, CSA Standard Z662-07 provides requirements for inspection of dents only when they are greater in size than 6% of the outside diameter of the pipeline.  It has been found, however, that fatigue cracking and pipeline rupture can occur as a result of much smaller dents.  It is easy to imagine that small dents may be caused in pipelines during the construction process, especially where the line is installed in rocky soils. 

This is a safety advisory from the NEB that suggests that integrity management programs implemented by pipeline companies should be updated.  It remains to be seen whether the NEB will impose any new conditions on companies or actually direct the update of programs.  This is a good example of "goal-oriented regulation" in action.

Read the full NEB safety advisory at: National Energy Board Safety Advisory 2010-01.