2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Friday, June 25, 2010

Apache Canada Ltd. responds to NEB about its plan to "re-"abandon its pipeline in place

In May, I reported on a plan by Apache Canada Ltd. ("Apache") to abandon a pipeline in place in agricultural land in Alberta (click here).  In fact, the pipeline had already been abandoned for several years without authorization and without consultation with the affected landowners.  Apache has now responded to information requests from the National Energy Board ("NEB") about its plans.  It says that the line will be patrolled annually, signs will be posted, and that the line does not pose a risk as a water conduit (or a conduit for contamination) since it does not cross streams or water bodies. 

A land agent on behalf of Apache obtained signed statements from landowners saying that they have no objection to the abandonment.  It appears that the statements were completed by the land agent and then signed by the individual landowners on a form prepared by Apache.  It is not known whether any additional compensation has been paid to landowners for the right to abandon the line in place or whether any indemnity has been provided. 

Read Apache's submission to the NEB at: Letter dated June 23, 2010.