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2017 Harvest

Friday, June 4, 2010

Energy Pipeline News - Wisconsin county drops charges against landowner in Enbridge case

Noel Griese of Energy Pipeline News reports:

SUPERIOR, Wis. - A northwestern Wisconsin man who was arrested for trespassing on his own property no longer faces charges.

During a pretrial hearing in Douglas County on May 24, 27-year-old Jeremy Engelking learned prosecutors will not pursue a disorderly conduct charge against him. A trespassing charge was dropped earlier.

Engelking wound up in jail after confronting an Enbridge work crew building a pipeline across his property in 2009. He told the workers they had no right to be on his property because he hadn't been compensated by the pipeline builder, Enbridge Energy Partners, for an easement. The Enbridge crew called in the local police who arrested and charged Engelking.

Engelking is reportedly considering a civil lawsuit now that the criminal charges against him have been dropped.