2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Monday, January 18, 2010

Proposed Management Plan to address impacts on agricultural operations - is it good enough?

Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. (MATL) has filed with the National Energy Board what is calls a "Management Plan for Addressing Impacts to Agricultural Operations" related to its proposed international electricity power line system (click on the title above to see the document).

MATL describes its "hierarchy of mitigation": 1) modify its own design where possible to allow the continuation of current farming practices; 2) where design cannot be modified, modify the farming system at MATL's expense to allow for comparable productivity; 3) where neither of the above will mitigate the lasting impact, MATL will compensate the landowner for "any substantiated losses" that result from the construction and operation of the line.

Does this plan provide landowners with enough protection against future loss attributable to the project? What do you think?