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2017 Soybean Harvest

Saturday, January 30, 2010

B.C. landowner liable for breach of Terasen Right-of-Way agreements

In a decision rendered January 25, 2010, the British Columbia Supreme Court found Utzig Holdings (B.C.) Ltd. liable for possible damage caused to a Terasen (formerly B.C. Gas) pipeline by a landfill operation. The damage alleged is stated to be "possible" because no trial has yet been held on the issue of damages. It may be found that none were sustained. What has been decided is that Utzig, as owner of the land in question, is responsible to Terasen both under right-of-way agreements and the tort of nuisance.

Utzig owned the land, but leased it to two different landfill operations (which were found liable in an earlier trial). Terasen alleged that the landfill operations, which were conducted outside the statutory right-of-way, caused one of two pipelines to shift (on one occasion up to 1/2 a metre) and put the pipeline operation at risk. The trial judge found that this was the case. The trial judge also found that Utzig, although it had signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to sell the properties to the landfill operations, remained the "owner" for the purpose of the right-of-way agreements. The sale of the property, if it had occurred at all, had not been registered on title.

Because of the unique ownership situation in this case, the trial decision includes long discussions of fairly complex liability issues. However, what will be more interesting to see will be the decision on damages when it is made. The trial decision notes that the shift in the pipeline's position caused Terasen (then B.C. Gas) to shut down portions of the pipeline due to safety concerns and then build a replacement pipeline in another area.

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