2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tribunal upholds rejection of milk from farm's bulk tank

The Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Tribunal has dismissed an appeal by an Ontario dairy farm from the rejection of milk from its operation by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario ("DFO").  The farm has operated for 30 years and, in the fall of 2010, was carrying out three milkings a day.  A transport company picked up the milk from a farm bulk tank on every second day, representing six milkings.

On November 28, 2010, the transporter (a certified Bulk Tank Milk Grader) arrived to pick up milk.  He rejected the milk "because of an off odour "malty" smell".  He took two samples and declined to pick up the milk, leaving a "Red Tag" at the farm.

The farm appealed the rejection of the milk on the basis that the DFO had not followed the proper procedure.  However, the Tribunal ruled that procedural errors made by DFO and its agent, the transporter (not properly filling out the Red Tag and not proving that DFO had adopted a policy of "no second opinions" with respect to the rejection of milk), did not negate the determination that the milk should be rejected. 

Read the decision at: La Gantoise Inc. vs. Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO).