2017 Soybean Harvest

2017 Soybean Harvest

Monday, July 12, 2010

Smith v. Alliance Pipeline appeal to be heard by Supreme Court of Canada on October 5th

The October 5th hearing date for the appeal by Alberta farmer Vernon Smith to the Supreme Court of Canada has been confirmed.  This is an appeal from a decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal which overturned an NEB Act arbitration committee decision that awarded Smith his costs of a court case initiated by Alliance Pipelines.  A number of other Alliance landowners had applied to intervene in the case, but the Supreme Court dismissed their application on June 7, 2010. 

The fact that the Supreme Court has chosen to hear this case signifies its importance and, perhaps, the need to clarify the law involved.  You can read the written arguments filed by the parties at:

Smith (Appellant) Factum

Alliance (Respondent) Factum