2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$16,000 Fine for Keeping Cattle and Manure in Hay Storage Structure

Ontario Ministry of the Environment Press Release:
Thames Sales Yard Ltd And Thomas Vanrabaeys Fined $16,000 For Manure Management Violations

LONDON - On November 17, 2011, Thames Sales Yard Ltd. was convicted of two violations under the Nutrient Management Act for keeping cattle and manure in a structure constructed for hay storage and failing to comply with a Provincial Officer’s Order.

The Court heard that the company raises and sells beef cattle at a facility located in Thamesville.  Mr. Vanrabaeys is the controlling authority of the company. In 2009, the company was issued a building permit by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent for hay storage. A public complaint of cattle being housed in the new structure initiated an inspection of the company’s facilities by the ministry. A Provincial Officer’s Order was issued by the ministry to the company and Mr. Vanrabaeys regarding run-off management at two locations and the disposition of a well at a third location. The order was issued to ensure that qualified persons address the issues of run-off management from manure and food storage facilities and the repair of a well to protect the environment and the quality of the surface and ground water. The company failed to comply by the required dates, and the required reports were not submitted to the ministry.

The company and Mr. Vanrabaeys were charged following an investigation by the ministry’s Investigations and Enforcement Branch.  The company was fined a total of $16,000 plus victim fine surcharges. It was given 45 days to pay the fines.