2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joint Review Panel has asked Enbridge to provide preliminary abandonment plan for Northern Gateway project

The Joint Review Panel (NEB and CEAA) considering the application by Enbridge for the Northern Gateway pipeline project has requested the following information from the proponent on the issue of pipeline abandonment:
Request: a) Please provide a preliminary abandonment plan for the Northern
Gateway Project, including:

a.1) a description of what pipeline components would be removed,
reused or left in place and provide the rationale for doing so. Where site specific situations require special methodology, then details should be provided;

a.2) the reclamation objectives or principles to be applied to abandonment; and

a.3) sufficient information to demonstrate that abandonment of the project will return the right of way to a state comparable with the surrounding environment.

b) Regarding consultation on eventual abandonment with stakeholders including potentially affected landowners and aboriginal groups, and other authorities and agencies, provide:

b.1) a summary of the consultation that has occurred, and

b.2) the strategy and processes for future consultation as the abandonment plan is refined.

c) Provide an estimate in 2010 dollars of the total cost to abandon the system, using Base Case components (as described in reference iv), or other better information available to Northern Gateway. If information other than Base Case components is relied on, provide an explanation as to why that information was used.

d) Explain the source of revenue that Northern Gateway will use to fund this liability. If the source is shipper tolls, provide an estimate of the impact on revenue requirement.
More information on the Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel is available at: Review Panel.