2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Friday, June 10, 2011

Environmental Bill of Rights Registry - Regulating Private Gas Wells in Ontario

Licensing Existing Private Natural Gas Wells

The Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act requires that all wells for oil and natural gas be licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Newly constructed wells are currently authorized (or licenced) under the requirements of the Ontario Provincial Operating Standards (per Regulation 245/97), however many private natural gas wells pre-dated the Provincial Operating Standards.

Using a risk-based approach, an internal operating policy directive is proposed to define the licensing criteria that MNR staff will use to evaluate licence applications for existing private natural gas wells.
  • The proposed policy elements include the following:
  • Definition of “private” gas wells
  • Restricted areas and setbacks from receptors
  • Qualified person requirements
  • Acceptable well conditions (and associated equipment requirements)
  • Exceptions
  • Term of the licence (i.e. 10 years)
  • Other safeguards (signage, barriers, detectors, etc)
  • Transfer of licences
  • Administration

Public Consultation:

The proposal has been posted for a 29 day public review and comment period starting June 09, 2011.  All comments received prior to July 08, 2011 will be considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry of Natural Resources if they are submitted in writing or electronically using the form provided in the notice and reference EBR Registry number 011-2981 (see: Notice).

The Draft Internal Operating Policy Directive is available at the following link: Directive.