2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pipeline clean up tax in South Dakota being opposed by TransCanada

Noel Griese of the Energy Pipeline News is reporting on a move by South Dakota to charge an environmental clean up tax on pipelines carrying oil.  The tax rate would be 2 cents per barrel for pipelines carrying more than 10,000 barrels per day.  The money collected would go into a fund to cover costs of cleaning up oil releases, but the fund would be capped at $30 million. 

TransCanada Pipelines Limited, which plans to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline through South Dakota, opposes the tax.  TransCanada suggests it will lose an estimated $38 million in tax incentives.  Wayne Ortman of The Oklahoman reports that Dennis Duncan, a lobbyist for TransCanada, says that the company would be paying $20 million in property taxes annually on the pipeline and that the new tax bill could damage South Dakota's pro-business and tax friendly image.

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