2017 Harvest

2017 Harvest

Friday, February 5, 2010

B.C. Oil and Gas Commission Reports on Sour Gas Leak

CBC News - British Columbia - EnCana unprepared for toxic gas leak: report

The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission has released a report on a leak from an EnCana sour gas (H2S)pipeline last November. The report concludes that pipe failure was caused by internal erosion resulting from sand; that the company had not followed its established criterion for sand recovery; EnCana's public information package failed to get residents to call EnCana when they had suspected a release of gas had occurred; leak detection and emergency isolation at the site did not detect or control the leak in a timely fashion; EnCana's response did not fully conform to its own emergency response plan and no notification was given to the B.C. government for nearly two hours after the leak was discovered; EnCana took more than an hour to begin notifying residents after the leak was detected; the erosion of the pipe and the rupture occurred before any inspection of the piping had been conducted under EnCana's "integrity management program".

Read the report at: http://www.ogc.gov.bc.ca/documents/reports/OGC%20Investigation%20Report%2004.02.10.pdf